Ro Gebhardt`s „Intercontinental“ “CD-Recording-Tour 2016“ am 09.Juni in Zeggels

Ro Gebhardt`s „Intercontinental“

“CD-Recording-Tour 2016“ mit special guest Jean-Marc Robin aus Frankreich & Joanna Kiolbassa aus Polen & Christian Pabst aus Amsterdam.

Beginn: 20 Uhr – Eintritt: wie immer frei 

Mitte Juni wird die neue CD von Ro Gebhardt beim Saarländischen Rundfunk aufgenommen. Ein Original jagt das andere. In absoluter internationaler Top-Besetzung. Mit einem Auszug aus der Gross-Besetzung mit 4 Sängern und Bläser-Section kommt Ro Gebhardt auch nach Primstal.
Eine Melange aus Jazz, Latin, Funk, Drum n`Bass. Grooves, die unter die Haut gehen. Kompositionen, die durch erstaunliche Simplizität und immensen Tiefgang glänzen. Gespielt von einigen der besten Musikern der heutigen Szene. Eine exzellent besetzte Band garantiert die Umsetzung waghalsiger, virtuoser aber auch gefühlvoller, balladesker Kompositionen aus der Feder der Bandleader. Der Sound, eine Mischung aus pfiffigen Eigenkompositionen, gewagten Bearbeitungen von Klassikern und kraftvolle Improvisationen, ist wie immer originell und unvergleichbar.
Joanna Kiolbassa voc
Christian Pabst keys
Gernot Kögel b
Jean-Marc Robin dr
Ro Gebhardt git

further informations:
zu Ro Gebhardt:
Als Musiker der mittlererweile erfolgreich auf Bühnen wie dem Blue Note in New York, beim Central Park Jazzfest NYC, dem Duc de Lombard in Paris, dem Aquarium in Warschau oder dem A-Trane in Berlin gestanden hat und der als Gastdozent an Hochschulen und Universitäten wie z.B. dem Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts in New York, Malta, Mainz, Köln oder Würzburg geladen wurde ist Ro wohl einer der gefragtesten Gitarristen Deutschlands und Europas . Sein „Intercontinental“ ist seit Jahrzehnten eine feste Grösse in der europäischen Kulturlandschaft.
2-facher Stipendienpreisträger am Berklee College of Music, Verleihung des Steven D. Holland Award für besondere musikalische Leistungen ( Boston/USA), Studium Arrangement/Komposition in Köln mit Abschluss summa cum laude, Finalist Jazz de la Defense(Paris),“traumhaft virtuos“ Gitarre&Bass, „excellent performances“ Steve Swallow, „Meister seines Fachs“ Jazzpodium, „goes down like velvet“ Cadence, „in der 1. Liga europäischer Jazzgitarren-Tradition“ Jazzthing, „geniale one-man-show“ Rheinpfalz, „unverschämt locker“ SZ, „ein exzellenter, hochsympatischer Musiker“ Jazzthetik

Joanna Kiolbassa

(JoBassa) has been performing for a couple of years. 2014 she toured through Germany’s clubs with her self-produced EP „Stop & Go“. As 2014 ended, she decided to take on a new challenge: The professional singer is searching for a possibility to expand her love for electronic music, dancing and live music. Together with her new producer the first plans for her debut album and the new concept were forged. Following the example set by R’n’B and Pop artists, an experienced band and a professional dance crew are a part of Jobassa’s live shows. Henry Stile, who can look back on references like Missy Elliot, Xavier Naidoo, Alex Prince and 50cent is taking care of the dance choreographies. In November 2015, the album „One Million $ Girl“ was released via the indie label Soundpool-Records. The tracks are a unique blend of Pop, Rock, R`n`B and Funk. We are looking forward to Jobassa´s extraordinary shows!

Jean-Marc Robin trained as a classical percussion player, which accounts for his particular sensibility to sound quality. He won the 1st prize of the CNR (regional antenna of the National Conservatoire of Music) of Nancy (France) in 1992.
Afterwards, he started exploring jazz and funk, and attended the jazz drumming classes given by Georges PACZINSKY in the E.N.M. (National Conservatoire of Music) in Cergy-Pontoise, near Paris. There, he won a unanimous 1st prize in 1996.
During his time at the Conservatoire, he had the opportunity to play with l’ Orchestre Nationale de Lorraine, Marcel AZOLLA, Lalo SCHIFRIN, Dorado SCHMITTSamson SCHMITTAndréas OEBERG, Nico MORELLI , Gildas BOCLE, Benoit SAUVE, Roland Gebhardt, Stéphane GUILLAUME, Claude Egéa, Benoit VANDERSTRATEN, Sylvain BEUF, Eric Barret, Nicolas FOLMER , Jean-Marie ECAY, Remy CHAUDAGNE, Steckar Tuba Pack, Pierre-Alain GOUALCHDiego IMBERT, Bob MINTZER , J-Yves JUNG, Jacques VIDAL, David PREZ, Jérome BARDE, le Big Band Régional de Lorraine SO2,  Wesley G, Derrick JAMES…
He’s teaching at the Conservatory in Metz
This year, he has played with the Mister OZ Big Band, beside the American sax player Bob MINZTER in Les Trinitaires (Metz, France). Swing has played a central part in his music, and left a melodic, fluid and dynamic imprint on his style.
Actually, He play with some differents bands:
Biréli Lagrène New Quartet
Jean-Marc Robin « Dwo… »
Marcel Loeffler trio (France)
Gernot Kögel
ist als Bassist mit den verschiedensten Formationen im In- und Ausland unterwegs. Er ist auf zahlreichen CD-Einspielungen zu hören und komponiert und produziert unter anderem für Film und Werbung. Außerdem ist er als Instrumentallehrer und Dirigent tätig. Seine genreunabhängige Vielseitigkeit führte zur Zusammenarbeit mit unter anderem Dariush, Pee Wee Ellis, Eberhard Weber, Ramon Stagnaro, Viviane de Farias, Alain Blairman, Anette von Eichel, David Haynes, Jutta Brandl, Christof Thewes, Thomas Siffling, Helena Paul, Ireen Sheer, Ingrid Peters, Zirkus Sarassani, Hapag Lloyd, …..
…..Gustavo Casenave, Take Toryma, Rob Blumenthal, Derek James, Burdette Becks, Moein, Omid, Kamran & Hooman, Oliver Strauch, Erny Hames, Lui Ludwig, Roland Höppner, Frank Spaniol, Jochen Krämer, Jean-Yves Jung, Nicole Jo, Hans Limburg, Daniel Schild, Dania König, Andrea Reichhart,  Nicole Metzger, Varietépalast Speyer, SR1, SWR, Radio Regenbogen, …

Christian Pabst

is pianist and composer. The press calls him an „extraordinary lyrical musician“.He gave concerts in India, South Africa, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Italy, Great – Britain, Switzerland, Austria, France, Monaco, Luxemburg, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Christian Pabst is currently studying piano in the new European Jazz Master’s Program at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et danse in Paris and at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen.

Christian Pabst was born 1984 and spent his childhood in a German village next to the French border.

In the age of 7, he starts to learn the piano. When he was 15 years old, Christian became the pianist of the local big band where his passion for jazz has its roots. Not long after, he recorded 2 CD’s and toured England and Sicily.

In this band he met his future band members – bassist David Andres and drummer Andreas Klein – with whom he is still playing in his trio, 10 years after they’ve met.

The young musicians founded first the band „Funkintension“. They won several prizes at the nationwide competition Jugend Jazzt 2005 in Germany and played on countless Jazzfestivals in Germany and abroad.

In 2006, Christian decides to move to the Netherlands to study with Karel Boehlee and Rob van Bavel at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

During his studies, he works intensively on his most important group: the Christian Pabst Trio. An ensemble which developed a huge musical trust during the ten years of its existence. The telepathic interplay and personal sound of the trio were honoured on many international competitions, e.g. International Jazz competition Hoeilaart, Belgium 2007, Biberacher Jazzpreis 2008, Internationaler Jazzwettbewerb Straubing 2008, Finalist Int. Jazz competition Bucharest, Rumania 2009, Finalist Dutch Jazz Competition 2010 including a performance at the North Sea Jazzfestival 2010.

Furthermore, Christian received a scholarship for the Berklee College Of Music in Boston and was nominated for the Leidse Jazz Award 2009.

In May 2009, the Christian Pabst Trio wins the 1st prize at the Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award and got selected for the NORMA CD Productiefonds.

With this budget, the trio records finally their debut. In February 2010, the group records 10 original compositions at the Fattoria Studios Osnabrück. British trumpet star Gerard Presencer joined the young musicians and contributed great solistic flights with his gentle flugelhorn- and trumpet sound. From 2008 – 20011, Christian was the pianist of the BuJazzO’s (National German Youth Jazz Orchestra). He worked with conductors and artists such Ed Partyka, Jiggs Wigham, Steffen Schorn, Niels Klein, Julia Hülsman, Mike Herting, the Indian percussion-virtuosos Mr. Mani, Ramamani, Karthik Mani and Ramesh Shotam.

A musical highlight was the project with the BJO (German Youth Symphony Orchestra). They toured through Germany with internationally renowned conductor Dennis Russel-Davies, including at celebrated performance at the Konzerthaus Berlin. The orchestras also played a tour through South Africa as part of the cultural pre-programme of the World Soccer Championship including performances in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elisabeth, Pretoria and Bloemfontein.

In 2010, Christian was chosen by a renowned jury, amongst others Harold Mabern Jr. and Eric Alexander, for the “generations”-Band 2010 at the international Masterclass in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. This ensemble recorded a CD called “Tease My Shoes” for TBC Montreux Jazz Label featuring the Australian trombone-player Adrian Mears and went on a CD-Release Tour through Switzerland in summer 2011.

Christian had lessons from Jacky Terrasson, Aaron Goldberg, Antonio Farao, Larry Goldings, Hervé Sellin, Django Bates, Harold Mabern Jr., Kevin Hays, Achim Kaufmann, Hans Lüdemann, Wolfgang Köhler, Baptiste Trotignon, John Riley, Harmen Fraanje, Justin DiCioccio, Susan & Martin Weinert, Peter Erskine, Eric Alexander, Ed Neumeister, Camerown Brown, et cetera …

Before finishing the conservatory, Christian became a teacher for harmony and theory at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Furthermore, he is teaching piano and rhythm-section at many jazz-workshops.

In 2011, Christian toured with the BuJazzO through India during the German – Indian year with the support of the Goethe Institute The Indian press was excited about the mix of classical Indian music and Bigband jazz heard in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune.

After living in Paris and Copenhagen in 2011, Christian returned to Amsterdam in 2012 where he finished his master thesis “Playing The Tune Like A Scale – The Interplay of the second Miles Davis Quintet”.

Shortly after, Christian was nominated by an international jury to present the “DarkEnsemble” – his collaboration with art teacher Blanka Pesja – at the NEU / NOW Festival in Porto, Portugal. “The NEU/NOW Festival provides an innovative platform for the most exciting and creative NEU artistic talent NOW emerging from higher arts education institutions and universities across Europe and beyond – to present themselves to wider audiences in the NEU/NOW online and LIVE Festival.”

Furthermore, he was selected for the “Keep an eye Jazz Award” with the John Albert Group.

– chosen for the winning band „Generations Unit“ at the International Jazzmeeting Frauenfeld Switzerland – Finalist Dutch Jazz Competition 2010 – Winner NORMA CD Productionfonds 2010 – Winner of Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award 2009 – nominated for the „LeidseJazz Award“ 2009! – 2nd prize „Biberacher Jazzpreis“ 2008 in Germany – Finalist „29th International Jazz Hoeilaart Competition“ 2007 in Belgium – 3 awards at the German national competition „Jugend Jazzt“ in Koblenz 2005

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